Our Divisions

The professional team of Drs. J. Tanzil & Associates are always ready to serve you and your company. We are established to provide quality services.

Our Divisions


PT KARMACON is an affiliate of Drs J Tanzil & Associates which operates in the business consultancy and management area. Our consulting teams are specialized in various area and are professionally cooperative to provide comprehensive business solutions. We have for decades of professional experience, making us one of the most reliable business partners in these business areas.

Strategic Management System, Strategic Productivity and Quality management, Strategic Management Accounting, Strategic Internal Audit, Strategic Human Capital, Strategic Information Technology and Family Business Consulting.

Our work method has been standardized with quality management of ISO 9001: 2015 supported with the latest regulations as a base for us to provide high-quality service. As your Professional Partner, we are committed to provide added-value services in every job we handle. Our valuable clients have become our portfolio for us to continuously improve our professionalism with local knowledge to meet global business requirements.

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PT GLOBAL PRATAMA TAXINDO, previously a Tax Division of Drs. J. Tanzil & Associates consist of Registered Certified Tax Consultants, specializing in Tax Matters for more than 45 years, and today become the leading

Strategic Tax Consulting Centre in the region. As your Professional Partner we work together with you in solving all your Tax problems, in order to maximize Tax Savings prevailing to the existing Tax Law and regulations, and to comply with it, in order to minimize Tax penalties.

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LPPM KIM – Drs. J. Tanzil & Associates, a pioneer in the training and development of professionals, is an affiliate of Drs. J. Tanzil & Associates which was established since 1974. During our 45 years, we remained consistent in our commitment to be always practically oriented in the field of management & accounting.

Up to present, we are working to develop innovative and dynamic professional tutors/instructors who are experienced in the daily business world, training systems and latest guidance supported by library with more than 40,000 books in the field of management and accounting.

These are all in accordance to our vision to be the pioneer as an Institute of Management Training and Development that is comprehensive and effective to provide the needs of the executive professionals.

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